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St.Mirren Boys Club


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Heres some sites that you may find of interest - (Hope you Enjoy!)

-Google- The most powerful search engine on the web! -
-BBC Sport- Find the lastest scores, news and table positions from team all around the world -
-Miniclip- A great variety of games to keep you occupied for hours! -
-FunnyJunk- This has the greatest and most funniest videos/pictures you'll ever see ! -
-AhaJokes- Jokes that'll make you roll on the floor laughing - from "Yo Mama..." to dumb blonde jokes! -
-MSN- Get the latest MSN downloads and cool names and emoticons from this site -
-StupidVideos- Really funny things that could happen in our everyday lives! Lol this site is so funny! -
-Downloads- This is the all time best site for downloading games, demos, pictures and music downloaders e.g Kazaa, Limewire -
-Cheats-  Great cheats on all platforms you never know existed! -
I hope you enjoy my links!

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