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St.Mirren Boys Club

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Here is a little mini-biography about the team:

Formed in the late 1990's , St.Mirren have seen many games and brought in and kicked out several players. We were made from a larger St.Mirren team which divided itself into two teams , St.Mirren Colts and the other, "the Warriors"(Currently known as Johnstone Burgh U 14's). Since then we have progressed through the seven-a-side leagues and also recieved and lost alot of players throught that 2/3 years. We played many times against our rivals, The Warriors. Most of the time, we lost but then some times we worked hard and put in effort to result in a win or a draw.
Many years later, we joined the 11 a side league. For all of  the players this was something completely new and  were unsure how to adapt to a larger game. Eventually, as we gained some new  players, we began to win our games and rise in the tables. We had several bad months with bad weather through the U 12's and U 13's and lost a vital amount of good players. Several players left Johnstone Burgh and came to us as we began the U 14's league and there was a switch in management . We still had our ups and downs (as we do now) but we mantained a position halfway in the league table, so we were neither excellent nor really bad.
This year we entered the annual summer league (Easter Spring Football Festival at Craigtarra) and we did not bad in that. All the players thoroughly enjoyed their time in the holiday park and learned a little bit of  football! 


The team in the 7-a-side  games...


The  seven-a-side medal awarded to all competing players in the St.James tournament.

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